luni, 2 noiembrie 2009

balada lui sir spamalot


And now the spam is near
And so my friend
You have to read it
And let me make it clear
That there is
No way around it

I spam you till you're full
I used each and every spamway
And more, much more than this
I've spammed you my way

And there were times
I'm sure you knew
When I spammed oh
More than you could chew

But then again when there was doubt
I spammed some more
I've spammed you out
I've spammed you my way

Regrets? I've had a few
But then again, to few to mention
I've spammed what i had to spam
And saw it through without exemption

I've spameed
And though i did
I had my share of losing
I know that all my spam
For you was not amusing

To think i've spammed alot
And may i say, not in a shy way
Oh, no, Oh no not me,
I've spammed it my way!

For what is a spammer, what has he got?
If not his junk, than he has not
To spam the things he never reads
And hope that you
Will click his ads

The records show
I've had some balls
And spammed you
Myyyyyy waaaay!

Textul este gandit indelung impreuna cu lamaie. Titlul ii apartine nadiei.

3 comentarii:

Elena Cîrîc spunea...

Dear spammer, what can I say?
How you spam me every day?
Now it's time to mark so clear
Our break-up for God's sake!

Anne spunea...

Il iubesc pe Frank Sinatra. Mi-a placut sa-l regasesc aici.

Cat despre spam-uri....Intrebarea mea este cand vor fi spamuit tot ce era de spamuit ce va mai ramane?

another cherry spunea...

@Elena Ciric: Dear victim/Please don't/I just wanna let you know/That no matter what you think/I will spam you with blue ink/:)

@Anne: lucram la asta:P.